August 7, 1999 - Dirty Harry's Balcony
Elevation Gain: 1115 ft
Time up: 55 minutes
Time down: 40 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Trailhead Location is Latitude 47:26 N by Longitude 121:38 W
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  • From the west, drive I-90 to Exit 38. Take old US 10, following signs for the State Fire Training Center, to the I-90 underpass. At 0.2 miles past the underpass is a gate marked "Locked at 4pm". Follow the road (on foot if worried about the gate), and at 0.4 mile past a bridge over the Snoqualmie River (at a curve on the right) is the easy-to-miss trail/creekbed.
    It's creepy
    down there!

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    Half the time!

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    I-90 Looking

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    A quick snack
    before heading back

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