July 16, 2000 - Cedar Butte
Elevation Gain: 800 ft
Time (RT): 2 hours
Distance (RT): 3 miles
Difficulty: Moderately Easy

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Go off I-90 on Exit 32 and drive 436th Ave SE (Cedar Falls Road) toward Rattlesnake Lake. At 1/4 mile short of the entry house at the lake, turn left on a wide gravel road and park at the first sharp bend. You may need a trail guidebook (above) to find the actual trail.
Not much shade...

480 x 640
Mt. Si and Little Si
from the top

608 x 480
Amy stands near the
reference marker.

640 x 467
The marker reads
"Ceder Butt 1937"

570 x 480
Looking east over
trees to Mt. Washington

479 x 640
Interesting looking tree
with fall-like colors.

480 x 640
Amy gets all
political on us.

640 x 479
Not the most satisfying hike we've done,
but good enough for what we wanted --
short, somewhat of a workout, and
close to Seattle.

All photos Copyright © Chris Duval