July 21, 2002 - Hiking along Gold Creek
Elevation Gain: ~200 ft
Time (RT): 3 hours
Distance (RT): ~6 miles
Difficulty: Easy
  • Gold Creek @ Seattle P-I

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  • From Snoqualmie Pass on I-90, continue east two miles and get off at Hyak Exit No. 54. Continue on the frontage road (signed Gold Creek) on the north side of the highway. Cross Gold Creek and in about a mile turn left on Road No. (4832) 142. Continue about 1/2 mile to a signed road junction, go straight and drive a rough mile past cabins to a gated road and trailhead sign. There is a small parking area on the left, elevation 2,600 feet. Hike the gated road (about 1/3 mile) and look for an obvious trail and two posts where the trailhead sign used to be.
    Starting the trail...
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    Mountains along the trail
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    Carrie cools off by a stream
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    Carrie's happy after showering herself with Gold. Creek, that is.
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    Gold Creek from the trail
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    A couple of logs over the creek
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    All photos Copyright © Chris Duval