June 22, 2003 - Ashland Lakes Trail

Elevation Gain: 1300 ft
Time (RT): 4.5 hours
Distance (RT): ~8.75 miles (to Twin Falls Lake)
Difficulty: Easy to Ashland Lakes, tricky to Twin Falls Lake
Upper Ashland Lake Wet Trail! Upper Twin Falls

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  • Visit four lakes on this trail -- Beaver Plant, Upper and Lower Ashland, and Twin Falls
  • The rainy day kept people away; I only ran into two parties, and no one past Upper Ashland
  • You have to be constantly aware of your footing on this trail -- many slick logs, rocks, and plenty of mud and water.
  • The downhill trail from Lower Ashland to Twin Falls Lake was dark, wet, and spooky. I got soaked -- and loved every minute of it. Great trail.
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